Our service range

1) Field - Service

The technical support of installed equipment directly at the installation site is an essential area of operations. Variable performance nuances and billing types enable a form of contract suitable to the technical and organisational requirements. We willingly take over the guarantee transaction for the contractor of the respective equipment to assure a unitary support from the moment of installation.

2) Repair services

Additionally to the own service- and support activities of our clients we overtake repairs of equipment that can not be accomplished at the installation site or that demand technical facilities, that are not available at the client's. Main focuses of that area are repairs of electronic devices as well as printers and monitors in our own recent equipped repair shop.

3) Network services

For our clients we also accomplish the consultancy, planning, installation and ongoing support of networks. Our technicians are skilled for token ring wiring, ethernet wirings with RG58 and Twisted Pair (CAT5 ,CAT6 and CAT7). Network software: Microsoft Windows Server and the appropriate software for clusters, faxes, fuses

4) Software

The technical support of installed hardware occurs in consideration of installed system software and network software. After repairs on volumes it will be made sure that the user can continue to work with the state of the last available data back-up. Furthermore the support of user software can be defined project specific. Admittedly we are not in position to support every kind of user software.

5) Additional services

As we want to extensively support our clients we overtake following additional services on demand:
- preparation, installation and system integration of new equipment
- accomplishment of product modifications or upgrades
- uninstalling of systems and their professional and environmentally friendly disposal
- technical checking of equipment
- appraising of performance- and quality assessment
In accomplishing the services we try for best possible quality and order transaction for the purpose of our clients (we work according to the ISO 9001 standards). As we exclusive are companies providing services, we are interested into a good long-term corporation with our clients.

6) Mounting and Reparation of satellite installations, television sets, Stereos, audio equipment, fridge, washing machine, drier, alarm systems, installation garage gates, front doors, etc.

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